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Types and ways of parasailing

Today we use three types to start parasailing

• start from the shore where flyer makes couple of steps before parachute lifts him up. The landing is usually done in the water.

• from platform to the sea (this could be motorized) where start is the same from the shore but it’s possible to land on the platform

• From the platform of the ship it’s the most used and it’s the safest way. Parachuter sits on the platform and it’s hooked up by the “open-ready” parachute. After that with a help of the special winch it lafts and lands on the ship. There are several ways that helps the flyer to be tied up to parachute.

• single harness – it is the most common employed, used as a seat for one person

• double harness – two persons together, one in the front of other

• tandem bar harness – a metal bar, which is hooked to the seats, one next to the other, possible to the three people

• skyrider chair – special seats for more persons

Parasailing is perfect combination of parachuting, paragliding and sailing merged into experience that would take your breath away. You are never too old to have another new experience. You don’t have often opportunity to fly without wings and enjoy in bird-perspective the views on the nerby islands and panorama of Trogir and its surrundings. Enjoy the coulors of beautiful and clean foamed sea, and silence you can feel only when you are high above the sea. While you are flying above Seget’s riviera you have spectaculare view on Trogir, Seget and islands of Trogir’s archipelago. And that in that moment while yuo are admiring the spectaculare view your gaze fall’s down on the dolphins who are playing with foamed waves (maybe it’s not dolphins :o )).


More about banana

When I write this word, I always get a sensation of hunger. And it’s very funny word if you repeat it couple of times slowly: b a n a n a. But probably you are going to wonder why am I writing about banana if it is not for eating. I wonder about it myself. When you feel excitement of driving on one then you are going to know what I am talking about. But something is not right here. How can we ride on a banana? We try many times to with a banana in the water and sit on it but the banana was always too small for that. Then someone very smart took a big rubber shaped banana, very long, and put it in the water, tied a fast ship on it and invented “driving on a banana”.

How many banana wasted until we found a way :o )))!


As the name says, it’s skiing on water, much easier, funnier and less painfull. Is it boring laying on the sun, having drink or eating good food? Do you want to excercise your muscles? Prove to your friends that you can do what they can’t.

Water ski and wakeboard is for people who like to drive fast, it’s for people who like to drive fast, it’s for person who don’t want to be driven, it’s for person who want to drive. It’s not important if you are young, old, beginner or experienced driver, we have all kinds of skis just for you.

For experienced skiers, try our duo or mono skis, and for beginners: possibility of school of skiing. Ski through Trogir’s archipelago.

Equipment: quality vest, special rope for skiing and of course, your choice of skis.


If waterski is not for you or you want to try something new, try wakeboard or kneeboard. Jump on the wave from the boat and show your skils. Once you try it you’re going to ask for more… Truly. And for all your wishes if you don’t know how to ski, our experience crew will teach you.



Quality vest

Special rope for driving a skier

A wakeboard

Let's socialize

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